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Your nameless hero is thrown into another dark dystopian future, where machines and droids are ruling the lost cities and industrial wastelands. Surprise! Each section of this world is interconnected by a network of strange portals. To open a portal, you have to collect a certain number of gems - gamey!

An ominious voice guides you through the labyrinths of catacombs and hallways, taunting and teasing you on your way to the next..... death. What is the meaning of all this??

"Maybe hire a writer that could come up with an original story?!"

Riiiiight! Welcome to our new project - a platform game for the 64 bit Atari Jaguar!

The goal is the create an awesome fun platfomer for the Jaguar, inspired by Celeste and Micro Mages: fast, tight and dynamic traversal. No "Bubsy" clunkyness, but precise control, master the timing of your awesome game characters abilities to overcome the deadliest and most cunningly designed traps!

The game is currently in development and there is no release date. However progress is great and we hope it won't take that long. 

The finished game might see a physical release, like our last game Gravitic Mines. ;-)

Enjoy your stay!


Design Features:

- An atmospheric platform game inspired by modern classics like Celeste, Super Meat Boy and Micro Mages (Thank you for the great games!)

- Fast and fluid traversal gameplay 

- Time double jump and dash mechanics for precise, dynamic platforming

- Shoot those robots with your throwing stars or simply bounce on them!

- Use explosives to destroy the bigger baddies or to open new paths!

- Collect shiny gems to open the portals 

- Over 30  levels planned

- Story mode with dialogue planned, maybe scripted sequences?

- Boss battles planned, we want huge sprites!

Technical features:

- 3 full screen parallax layers, fluid character animations, fully flexible sprite sizes thanks to the awesome Jaguar sprite engine!

- 60 FPS

- 4 bit, 8 bit and 16 bit colors for sprites and level graphics

- Transparent, animated light effects leveraging Jaguars unique CRY mode  (And we thought it was useless lol)

- Fully animated, big sprites

- New sound engine 

- A dozen of full length music tracks 


Code/Tools/Design: Lawrence "CJ" Staveley 

Animated graphics and characters/Design/Levels: Alexander "AnderLex" Grade

Tilesets: Szadi Art 

Music: Roald Strauss 

Sound Engine: Oxygene/ported by EricD45  

Copyright Reboot and 

Alexander Grade, 2022 

Tiles licensed from SzadiArt

Development log


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Looks very cool, would love to talk to you about it for Retro Gamer magazine

Hello, thanks! How can we contact you?

Please visit this thread on atariage.com to get in contact with us: https://forums.atariage.com/topic/330925-jumping-at-shadows-wip-platform-game-fr...